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favor of the alternative energy to safe the polar bears, they win every time. thanks to judy, jim, ca >> greg: welcome to "red eye." it's like dancing with the stars without the dancing. or the stars. let's go to tv's andy levy for a pregame report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> coming up an in depth look at climate gate. plus, will bebe using chips in our head to control our computers by the year 2020? some say no but others think of the word yes, tornado a appears on the screen. katie couric tries her hand at writing christmas verse. we report and you dial it inside. my impression of discussion. you never thought that a gangsta could talk sense but
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the art it bel dispensed, greg. >> greg: getting better and better every day. >> no, he is not. let's humor him. welcome our guests. as sexy as i am dyslexy. he is the adorable mutt of scuttlebutt. ail leg. he knows rumors like i know bloom evers. i'm a fan of galvanized rubber girdles. the ying to my yang. the chocolate to my peanut butter. my repulsive sidekick bill schulz. we're proud of him since january he has been tying his own shoes. the sonic boom of the courtroom. criminal defense attorney remini spencer. more adorable than a smurf feeding lady bugs with starving keebler elves. you would use it to wipe off a baby if you had a baby tornado needed some sort of wiping.
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hello, pinch. check out the op ed system. the motor city isn't the festival that i thought it was, greg. still wouldn't be caught dead there, though. have a looky lou. >> i will. >> thank you. >> greg: now, to the greg-alogue. an oyster crap of opinion. >> wow. >> greg: yes. last week i told you about the scandal at the university of the east ancient maya angel ese research institute. the e-mails have been called "the fail in the coffin" of global warming hysteria. i wish that were true. check out the sites where the chicken littles still thrive. about the hacked e-mails it says it has created fodder for right wing groups to promote their agenda that global warming is not real. a guardian columnist adds to
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bury man made climate change a wider conspiracy would have to be revealed. imagine if they weren't about global warming but gitmo, or cheney or sarah palin's life. how fast would newsweek be all over them? they can't do this here because the lie is the lie that the media believes in. it is their water gate so no bonder this is no woodward or bernstein to bring it down. where does this leave al gore? he has his hands all over the scheme and stands to make butt loads. as long as the sky keeps falling his bank account keeps rising. thank god he still however has the cats behind him.
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>> greg: can't argue with that adorability. if you, sir,, disagree with me then you are a racist cat hater. >> greg-alogue. >> i go to you because i love your dress. whether or not i'm right or wrong about global warming, i could be very, very wrong. >> oh, you are. >> i'm not. >> i'm talking to barrett by the way. >> shut up, farm boy. we're trying to do a show here. the quiz is whether or not the people who have opposed the view points are often not allowed to voice their opinions and the e-mails at least to me seem to say that, that they make sure that they didn't get in peer-reviewed journals.
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>> it is very clear, yes, global warming is happening. whether it is man made or not is still up for debate and i don't -- and this is -- i think this shows that actually we are see saying that it is possibly not. and what bothers me about this is that it is -- we are spending so much money on the programs, so much money like billions of dollars on programs that we should be spending that money on other things. >> bill's wardrobe. >> more dresses. >> all carbon offsets, greg. >> greg: seriously, barrett. >> i, where should the money go. >> to fighting hiv aids, malaria, those kind of programs would cost a fraction of what these kind of programs cost and we need them. >> greg: alex, we were in the greenroom and you were telling me how much you agree with my greg-alogue. care to elaborate? >> i do, greg. i was thinking about how
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profound everything that you were just saying is and that if anything we should be taking measures to destroy the earth more with pollution. we should get creative about it, not just polluting it the way we have been but coming up with like lex luther ways to pollute. >> i would like to be on that commission. >> that would be fun, definitely. >> greg: but is it weird, remy, it kind of smacks a little bit of acorn in the sense that if this were a scandal or e-mails that involved letts say a republican it would be bigger news but it is not really being covered. >> you're right. it is not being covered as much as you would think it would be or should be. if the e-mails are accurate and if this is a big conspiracy, a lot of propaganda, then we should be discussing it and have a international conversation about where this money is going. i think maybe just maybe it if more shows like yours, greg, going to talk about thi we mige
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able to repriorityize and start putting money in places that are more important like the war that we are currently involved in or the financial mess or unemployment. that is where we should be focusing resources. >> greg: go ahead, alex? >> i think it is a little silly that we are suggesting that we should be spending more money on war and military. if you look at it, it is the vast majority of our resources are already spent on those things. >> greg: here is an interesting thing, though, alex. five here at the table and three here believe that global warming is real and i think two or maybe four believe. i believe that global warming is -- could be real except i see fluctuations in the data. i don't know if man made global warming is playing that much of a role. i know alex believes that it is real and i believe that it is
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not but i don't want my money to go to it yet. >> here is my thing. i like skepticism. i am a big fan of skeptics. but my problem with antiglobal warming people is that they tend to focus a lot more on the people behind the global warming studies than global warming itself. it all goes back to how pompous al gore is. >> greg: the left never does that to the right, though? >> that is the same thing. the left does do that. can't go back to that. i looked at the e-mails. this is no smoking gun here. the two big bugaboos, i did not use that word lightly. on the science community trick means cleverry. hide the decline. he admitted he shouldn't have done that. he had gotten over a bunch of antiglobal warming e-mails to him and his family and it was a
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rash decision and he apologized for it. even if you don't believe these guys and you say we should dismiss everything they have done. nasa and the national climate change board had the exact same finding. >> greg: they didn't find the findings. >> they did it wholly independent of the group. >> greg: the findings that they had did not match and that is what pissed them off. >> they were talking about tree circles and they were measuring tree circles as a way to measure global climate change. after the 1960s you couldn't do that because of the pesticides. then the global warming people said it is written in the data. >> greg: there were e-mails where they said we can't find the data, what are we going to do. i want to get it the next story. frommity 80cy.
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>> glenn: idiotcy, i., e., bi. said one researcher people may be willing to be more committed to brain implants. emergency being able to serve the web with the power of your thoughts. by 2020, only five years from now they expect a tv remote and mouse and keyboard will be obsolete. scientists report that they have a robot guided by the brain and eyes of a moth. square pivin.remy private what is next? probably this. >> that is how we are going to file you, bill. i will have a bunny open your letter of termination and read it to you. >> bait and switch and focus on being angry and storming out. >> is this a rousing idea or a
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creepy idea? >> this is a bummer for me because my agent keeps trying to get me to get a boob job and now i have to get brain implants too,. >> put the chips in your breast. >> who says i don't already have chips in my breasts. >> now, we got to look at them. >> greg: if the government created a chip for your brain, everybody would be crazy but like if it is ey it is i-tunes, everybody is going to do it. >> sounds like a great idea but then they will start shorting out and everybody will be walking around like refresh twitter, refresh twitter. control alt, delete, come on, work. >> and youville to get an it guy from the help desk to come and start playing with your brain and. >> he is going to be your psychologist. >> don't they do that already in the form of drugs?
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>> yes. >> not here, of course. >> not here. >> greg: remy, what do you make of this whole thing? are we all going to become robots? >> doesn't that scare any of you. it scares me that this is even something that anybody wants to do. i'm going to prevent like this doesn't exist and it is not happening and hope and pray that we have people smarter than this. my it guy is not smart enough to fix anything. >> now, he will put something in your hard drive. >> i went there and i was saying gosh, he built a robot with the brains and eyes of a moth and if you went to the university of arizona you clearly build a robot with the brains and eyes of a really tan, really drunk kappa gamma on the way to the jamaican me crazy party. >> coming up, ricky martin teaches me the lambata.
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why is katie couric waxing poetic? should i wax my back? it's like costa rica back there. (announcer) your doctor knows tylenol doesn't interfere with certain high blood pressure medicines the way aleve metimes can. that's one reason why doctors recommend tylenol more than any other brand of pain reliever.
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you'll never go back to your old broom again. ♪ ♪ [ man ] love stinks! ♪ love stinks! [ female announcer ] swiffer sweeper vac does it all. its powerful vacuum picks up the big stuff, and swiffer dry cloths trap and lock dirt and dust better than a broom or your money back. guaranteed. ♪ her verse is the worse and makes me curse. date katie couric decided the best way to explain her feelings on the healthcare debate is the joy of rhyming.
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couric does her own healthcare remix of the night before christmas, recasting the role of santa as a republican senator who ole vote for harry reid's healthcare reform bill. warning this individual joe is not safe for any one -- video is not safe for any one anywhere at any time. >> senate democrats are, once again, praying for snow. they won 60 votes to start the debate but back to square one and just have to wait. wait for blue dogs like they will son and lincoln who say a public option would mean the economy sinking. wait for joe leiberman who says it won't pass and hope marry landrieu with change her mind fast. the republican votes right now total zero but a trigger could make one woman a hero. the moderate could save harry reid's christmas with a deal she brought forth urging government plans for when private ones fail. to think both sides happy, can both sides prevail? >> nails on a chalk board complain about her. on a scale of one to a million,
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how aroused are you? >> 2 billion. i have got to say, that ms. cure rick' couric's isn't s the right wing which is merry christmas to all and to all a good night except for poor people who should die. >> i actually wrote that. >> i mean it doesn't really have a scheme or rhyme. >> greg: not bad. >> one i want to read to my kids. >> greg: couric makes it clear who she is rooting for, doesn't she? >> you think? it is odd to me and also the fact that no one is really talking about it. if that was another anchor and they were doing a poem that was against the healthcare plan, we would be talking about this on all the shows today. >> it would be great to see lou do bbs do it.
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>> not going to happen. >> greg: isn't the news supposed to prevent that it doesn't have a dog or upon any in the race? >> i think it is interesting that nowadays we assume that if you watch this channel you will see this perspective and if you watch this channel you will see that perspective. i don't know when journalists lost their objectivity and they figure they have now a podium to -- >> greg: 1972. >> this is a good -- this is why people should get off cable news and go to my new blog. i have both sides of the issue. it is called bill goes both i urge you to log on and see the truth. got to be over 18. >> greg: i got to ask you this quick question. what is worse, this picture of her? come on. >> iowa would have to say the poetry because it has the elk
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being strangled tone of her voice. her rep released a statement on the photos and says katie had a great time dancing with her daughters. her daughters weren't there. she was way too drunk for that. she was really choreographed that move? i refuse to believe that was choreographed. >> greg: if this doesn't make you say yippy, yippy, yeah, then you are a member of the gay, gay, gay.
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>> greg: she is one of the most widely read conservative thinkers in the solar system which includes the sun and other planets, bill. her latest book culture the corruption rocketed to the top of the charts. one of the most widely read conservative blogs. hot gives away who the guest is. a nationally syndicated columnist and a fox news contributor. and i thought i was the queen of conservative media. joining us is michele malkin. hey, how are you? >> hey, good. how are you, greg? >> greg: i'm doing fine. welcome on "red eye." we have been trying to get you for some time. i want to ask you about the breaking news that happened today. investigators in kentucky ruled that the census worker tied to the tree and the word fed writ p on him actually killed himself. all this time i thought conservatives like you were responsible for his murder. >> i was convicted about a
12:24 am
month ago of this crime fortunately the new data from the fbi and kentucky state police isn't going to change the minds of the left wing judges, jury and executioners who basically implicated every conservative in public life who said anything negative about the census. and, you know, there is a huge paper trail and electronic trail on the internet of not just fringe blogs but mainstream commentators who were ready to blame us for something that was a self-made hoax and apparently as now the mainstream media outlets are reporting this man capitalized knowingly on the anticensus and knew that he was going exploit it and he had plenty of media enablers to help him. >> greg: i'm sure a lot of
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columnists and bloggers have clogged your inbox with apologies. can you name some of the people that have already apologized? >> q the cricket chirping. and it is less the fact that i think that we deserve apologies than these people need to be held accountable and retract all of their reckless speculation. they jump over fox news when there are inadvertent editing errors. where are the media maidens and watch dogs for andrew sullivan and new york magazine and all of the people on cable tv shows on other stations be held accountable for it? i would like to see it. i'm not holding my breath. >> greg: they would say you are in citing more hateful activity and a journalist is going to die and they will blame you for
12:26 am
that as well. >> yes. >> greg: because you are pointing something out. i want to move on to what you discussed on your site about msnbc discussing the palin book. you thought it a bit ironic. >> i was choking on laughter and other emotions as the whitist of the white anchors on msnbc chris matthews was consorting with other white females to blame sarah palin for having a too white monochromeatic audience. look at the masthead of the cable tv network. i would say it is the pot calling the kettle but i guess it is more like the snow calling something else white. i'm drawing a blank, for ting this kind of thing. and i think it is time to turn the tables on these race mongers. i'm sick of it. >> greg: sort of like when a bunch of white liberals feel
12:27 am
guilty about not having any white friends. doesn't nbc have a diversity leader who is supposed to keep an eye on this sort of thing? >> one was appointed after the imus debacle and apparently this person has been shoved in a closet some where because he hasn't been successful at his job. >> greg: in your book you talk about eric holder and how him and some of his staff worked a a d.c. law firm that represent a bunch of the gitmo detainees. do you think that has anything to do with the decision with the current criminal trial. in. >> i certainly think it has an influence on eric holder's behavior and his thinking about the jihadi defendants. he works for a firm that represented 17 or 18 of the gitmo detainees from yemen so we are trying to get on american soil and have o.j.
12:28 am
simpson style show trials right in new york city and the conflict of interest there need to be delved into. chuck grassley the senator tried to ask eric holder about this last week and he smugly looked and said he would consider the request. >> greg: i only have time for one more question. there has been a lot of talk about a third-party and i don't think it as great idea. if there was i would like to form the uni corn party which is a conservative libertarian but a strong emphasis on unicorn values. do you think a third-party 1 helpful or harmful to the future of our country? >> for my purposes i want a third-party that is going to help shy light and hold accountable republicans for betraying their principles.
12:29 am
the business of the conservative party in new york 23 was extremely helpful in illuminating the waste of money by the national gop establishment candidates on radical leftists like de dei lynam newt gingrich was at the head of the pack, the acorn friendly big labor embracing republican and if there are third-party candidates that going to force the republican party to act like republicans it is a good thing. >> greg: i got to go. thank you so much. the book "culture of corruption." it is widely popular. go out and by another copy. still to come, the halftime report from tv's andy levy. that's him. >> tonight's halftime report is sponsored by my personal turkey carver, spike sherwood.
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come thanksgiving no bird is safe around mr. s. thanks my personal turkey carver, mr. spike sherwood.
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>> greg: welcome back. let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far. for that we go to tv's andy levy. andy, would you put chips in your cat's brains to make their lives easier? >> to make their lives easier, no, greg. >> greg: to make yours? >> absolutely. bill, new york jets quarterback
12:33 am
mark sanchez called and he wants his mustache back. >> after thanksgiving i will come back with what i like to call a full beard. >> greg: what's his name? >> sometimes it's too easy. >> i'm throwing up lay-ups tonight. >> greg, you said imagine if the leaked e-mails weren't about global warming but gitmo or dick cheney or sarah palin's private life. remember, her personal e-mail was attacked back in september of 2008. and by the way, andrew sullivan referred to that as "vetting palin since mccain didn't bother." barrett you said global warming is real. the question is whether it is man made. i'm not disagreeing with you but some people are claiming that the e-mails show that the science behind global warming itself, man made or otherwise is faulty. >> aha. >> greg, you claimed you were in the greenroom with alex before the show. yet he is in longs and yo los d
12:34 am
you are in new york. >> greg: that was just a lie. but andy, i don't think that undermines my story the least. >> you are an honest liar. >> greg: that is true. i just manipulated the data. >> absolutely. throw some hockey sticks in there. >> greg: yes. >> bill, you said what you don't like about the antiglobal warming people is instead of talking about the science they talk about their people like al gore. i don't disagree about what trick means in the e-mails. what i don't like about the e-mails is the talking about preventing scientists who don't agree with the global warming conventional stuff from publishing in peer p. review journals and calling the journals where they do publish as not peer review. that smacks me as. >> speaking of smacking it was the one dude. 13 years, hundreds of scientists and this is all you got.
12:35 am
more to it than that. >> chips in brains. greg, you said a scientist from the university of arizona reports that he built a robot guided by the brains and eyes of a mouth and he calls it jeremy pivin. i checked with every scientist at university of arizona and none reported any such thing. >> really? >> what part of that story is false? >> the eyes of a moth. >> greg: okay. >> was i not clear about that? >> greg: you weren't. >> my bad. my bad. alex, you talked about the problems inherent in having this chip in your head. i'm picturing a meth head with this chip turning tvs on and off and on and off and on and off for blocks around. >> that is why they have continue foil hats. >> that is a good point. if you had a meth head worked up to this and had a word processor runing that would make for great reading the next day. >> and great you tube videos.
12:36 am
>> absolutely. katie couric, healthcare version of night before christmas. greg, you played the video of her doing this and then apologized to everyone. i talked to everyone and they said next time just don't play the video. >> greg: i apologize to them. >> i feel like the only reason she did this in the first place is because of olympia snow's name. her name is snow and snow is in the night before christmas. let's do this. >> greg: when are people going to stop decide to do the satirical things of the night before christmas? >> never, greg, never. never. yep. >> greg: there was a meeting where that idea was pitched and everybody said that is a great idea and she probably pitched it. >> and all based around the fact that it is senator olympia snow, get it? get it? >> when are people going to stop making corn based on yes, virginia, there is a santa claus. every year, andy. it's old. and it is like every december
12:37 am
issue of playboy there is always a naked lady sitting on santa in a cartoon. >> and you know what, he is happy to have her there, greg. >> thanks for pitching my next issue of playboy. >> absolutely. and lastly, remy, you said you don't know when journalists stopped being objective and greg you said it was 1972. >> yes. >> some would say it was 1968 when walter conkrite declared a big loss for the united states. >> some say. >> some sayers. >> none sayers. >> i'm done. >> thank you, andy. go play now. see you in the back half of the show. i like to say that and sound professional. let me welcome back our guests. alex, eds if cunning wit were a sports drink i would pound him during a marathon and remy
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spencer. she knows convictions like i know addictions. he put the moral in immoral. abc canceled adam lambert's appearance on "good morning america" after a saucy appearance. the network which aired the award on sunday reportedly received more than 1500 complaints from viewers we get that a night after lambert thrust a guy's head into his crouch and kissed a male musician. he said the kid kiss was spontaneous and if people are upset that is a form of discrimination and that 1 bad. he was disgusted further today on the cbs early show which booked him after. >> my eyes.
12:39 am
my eyes! >> you will never be able to unsee that one. >> i don't know. was "good morning america" wrong to cancel him? >> well, greg, i think that there is a line about what is too gay for the morning time and "good morning america" decided what the line was today. the song is called "good morning america," not good morning here is some dude -- >> greg: you have to pitch that show? >> oh, man. >> you have to pitch that as a morning show. >> i think you are out first. >> and you know who should star in it is katie couric. >> greg: i was thinking that. here is the thing, remy that bugs me. can't you point out that something is vulgar and tasteless without any kind of idea of sexual orientation playing into it. just the idea that it makes me -- i hate public displays of
12:40 am
affection, i don't care who it is. >> i don't hate public displays of affection. >> greg: prove it. >> i saw this at home alone and i was uncomfortable. no one else was there 86 was uncomfortable and i didn't want to see it. >> that is because you were doing a head stand. >> and had nothing to do with the fact that it was two men. just not what you would expect. >> greg: i'm sure you loved it. >> i watched it about 103 times. i can't stop watching it. it is just like right now, i'm just -- i see it in my head. >> greg: bill, did he go too far or not far enough and i'm already regretting asking this question? >> i won't even answer it, greg because you know my answer anyway. i think it is interesting that he did this because this comes on the heels of him posing or the out 100 and he told his people teen adam lambert told
12:41 am
out he they didn't want him to look too gay in out magazine. i think he is going away from the team and angry at him for trying to have him pose with a girl and he is going gay it up as much as he can. >> greg: the real story is not about the kiss. it is about the performance. they are turning performers into like aerobic instructors so they are always moving around and not singing. if you are a great singer you should be standing there and singing and everybody is turning into britney spears and jogging and leaping. it is like j-lo falling on her beautiful butt. >> this strikes me as sour grapes because you were not the dancer. >> cbs is going to get great ratings when makes out with harry smith. >> now, that's an image.
12:42 am
>> greg: i have to move on. the next block is all i'm pretty good and i'm like you better be and the block is like i'm cool. >> why are we showing girls in bikinis on the beach? i'm sure they are relevant to whatever story we are doing next.
12:43 am
12:44 am
>> greg: our women good at feeling bad? after they meet me for the first time, yes.
12:45 am
what about the rest of the day? according to one british study it never stops. 100 women between the ages of 35 and 70 were asked to carry a clicker and would press down every time they had a negative thought about their face, body or thoughts in general. women averaged 36 negative thoughts a day. 8,000 per week and 16 billion per year. it does, i used a calculator. one woman says her neglect gentlemantive thoughts are strongest in the morning but diminish as she puts on make up, a new face. what does stat jack think about this? ♪ >> that is repulsive. >> that is not. he is too busy to be bothered with such things. >> he has no -- >> doesn't a study like this where you hand a clicker over to a woman make her think more about these things? >> i think this study prove
12:46 am
hass people know that women have an added burden than men don't have to deal with on a daily basis. you showed pictures of the supermodels walking down the runway. not realistic. >> maybe not in your world. i have one on either side of the arm every night. >> i have 16. >> they want smart successful, married, children, gorgeous, looking like the cover models. >> greg: you are blaming cosmopolitan. >> i'm blaming all of media that creates unrealistic expectation. >> greg: you are blaming now, the national organization for women. >> i'm blaming you. >> greg: i like getting blamed. some might say women are too hard on themselves injuries shouldn't they be worrying about their looks all the time? >> one second. one second. i hate my nose. okay, that was thought number 37. >> i love your cute as a button nose. i just want to get that on the table.
12:47 am
literally i want your nose on the table. >> do you want to answer the question. >> bahar is the question? >> i was thinking about how much i hate myself. >> no. here is something they would never do a study like this about men. men think at least 80 times a day that they are -- that they are hopeless people but it is not about looks, it is about status and where you are in life. is can you argue that is just as, i don't know, painful? >> yes, certainly, greg. i'm sure that, you know, if they did a studty like this on men they would learn all kinds of things. for example, myself, i'm constantly hating other women's bodies. i just hate women's bodies. can't stand the sight of them. i'm like her nose, her hips, all terrible. read some more cosmo, ladies. >> greg: bill, if you had a clicker and all you had to do
12:48 am
was count positive things about yourself, would you ever click it? >> here is the problem with the, yes, i don't know how to use a clicker os so either way you will not get anything from me. what i will say is this, let's keep women the way they are because the worse they feel about themselves ther with channels we have with them. sad, but true, greg. >> greg: we are just kidding. women, feel better about yourselves. >> how is that going to help me? >> greg: you traffic off low self-esteem, i underand it that. we have to take a break. always a pleasure having you on the show. see you soon. have a lovely holiday. i will be bringing the au gratin. >> i love that. >> i do, too. i smear it on my chest. coming up, why are these robots dancing? that is really none of your damn business. (announcer) your doctor knows tylenol doesn't interfere with certain high blood pressure medicines the way aleve metimes can.
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that's one reason why doctors recommend tylenol more than any other brand of pain reliever.
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♪ he's making a list and checking it twice, he's going to find out who is naughty or nice, santa claus is coming to town ♪ >> greg: robots are so dumb. it is not even thanksgiving and they are celebrating christmas. get it together, robot jerks. >> it's time for messages for greg. to kick back, relax and feast your eyes on a cat being chased by adorable puppies as we bathe your ears with warm soapy words. >> greg, every show you do something called a greg-alogue where you give your opinion.
12:53 am
there is greg-alogue, but you never let pinch do a reply. now, why don't you have asection that you can call pinch a log? >> i'm wondering if you could come by sometime with your special brownies. i would like to share them with my neighbors and makes things up with them. you are invited, too, not bill. >> we are listening to the interview. we both give them an a. >> what is up with your guys agent is, man? they must really blow. if i was bill schulz agent i would have him in three four or five mo movie projects yesterday. first of all, bill schulz, he could star as roman polanski. got it? second of all, a little italian movie the ill postman. put bill schulz in that, moneymaker. >> greg, i was watching the
12:54 am
showen friday night and some other people walked by and said who o is that weird guy, he looks like harry connick, jr. on crack and i wasn't sure what to do. please advise next time out there so i actually take them out or not. love the show, thanks. >> i will take harry connick on crack. i mean i will take harry connick on crack. >> the irony is he a very much a.i. ticket agented to crack. i'm starting that rumor now. >> you will get sued. >> i'm going to keep starting it. >> quite a nice gentleman. >> sings really well. >> he does. >> on crack. >> greg: keep calling me on the direction line. we will close things out with the post game wrapup from tv's andy levy. to see clips of recent shows go to fox
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>> greg: we are off the next two nights. friday night at the usual time 3:00 a.m. eastern and saturday night at "red eye." a brand new "red eye" returns monday. i'm confused. >> because you're drunk. >> now, we go to tv's andy levy for the post game wrapup. >> legal would like me to point out that harry connick is not
12:58 am
addicted to crack. >> not the first time you said that one, andrew. >> tell the viewers what happened to you when you were heading over here last week to do the show? >> fox news on always, you guys at "red eye" always send me a car to pick me up and they called and said we will be out front in a black lincoln town car. i was frazzled and i ran outside and i'm not professional about these things so i walked up to the driver and said i'm barrett, are you supposed to be taking me to the fox news building and he said yes, get in the car. i wasn't paying attention. i was reading over stuff. next thing i know i hear him say okay we are here and i look up and we are pulling up to a massive red carpet with paparazzi everywhere. the car stops and the guy knocks on the window and rolls down the window and goes who do you have and he says i have michele from gossip girls and they open the door and they are like right this way. >> i'm like i'm not michele.
12:59 am
>> i said i'm barrett and i'm supposed to be at the fox news building to do a live taping in 45 minutes and he looked at the driver and goes all right take this lady to the fox news building and go pick up michele. >> i couldn't -- it turns out it was the victoria secret fashion show. i could have been hanging with fergie and the black-eyed peas who i know you love, we were also expecting michele and we got barrett. >> all always double schedule. >> it was pretty fun. >> would have been worth it just to throw things at the black-eyed peas. >> greg: i hate the black-eyed peas. worst band ever. >> spencer and associates my law firm is expanding and moving into a higher up in my building i'm moving up into a much

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